Starlight Brochure

starlight brochure outside starlight brochure outside


  • Starlight Disc Jockey Service

  • 1 October 2015

Starlight Disc Jockey Service needed an updated logo and a brochure to distribute at wedding trade shows. I first created a vector logo in Illustrator for multipurpose use on forms and promotional products where scalable artwork is required. Then I dressed up the logo in Photoshop for higher quality print pieces. Since this company specialized in weddings I imagined fairy tale art and disney styled typography which inspired the final golden logo. I used brand purple for the brochure and manipulated stock imagery to blend into the purple tones. Content writers were sourced to complete the brochure.

From a marketing aspect I wanted to explore some of the pain points brides were experiencing when choosing services for their wedding. Exploring blog posts on local wedding aggregate sites and skimming through wedding magazines I discovered one of the biggest fears for brides was a vendor cancelling their services at the last minute. I then framed this into a Don’t Let This Be You campaign.

My Part

  • Marketing Research
  • Imagery and Asset Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Content
  • Facilitate printing with 4-color print house, pick up and delivery