Kosho Karate Coming Soon Page

coming soon page mockup


Kosho Karate owners needed a temporary coming soon page for their upcoming website. Since they had no previous website I decided to showcase some of their services in a three-pack to provide visitors some valuable information. I also implemented a flat-file lead capture system that would save a visitors email address into a text file. The text file was sent to the owner on a weekly basis. The nifty progress bar grows by simply editing a little HTML.

From a UI perspective I wanted to explore the feel of a karate dojo. The banner captures this idea with a realistic illustration of a dojo while overlaying the Kosho Karate logo on top. And it's just cool looking. An old yellowish paper pattern resembling Chinese scrolls was used as a background. The color red was used throughout the page to provide some consistency with the logo and tie things together.

My Part

  • UI Design
  • Imagery and Asset Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Refinement
  • Development and Code
  • Responsive Design